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                                       ~ POSITIVELY CLEAN ~
          Offering the complete vibrational cleaning and clearing of your

Our services include...
-A full line of non-toxic household cleaners with an emotional balancing blend of pure essential oils. All recipes in The Field Guide to Vibrational Cleaning. (For Sale in our online store or amazon.com)
-Sacred Space Clearing, a unique type of Earth energy work that releases your land from past programs, geopathic stress and negative energies.
-Original Positite orgone products to naturalize electromagnetic frequencies. (For Sale in online store)
-Business and residential cleaning in Connecticut only.

Positively Clean addresses the self, the home, the community, and our sacred Earth.
Positively Clean is a supportive foundation for all other efforts of living in harmony with nature. Bring Earth to a Balanced State.
"Priscilla is a natural alchemist of the home.  Her ability to shift discordant energies and harmonize them with the forces of nature is an invaluable asset to any environment." -Christan Hummel

Priscilla Connors is a Certified Sacred Space clearing practitioner with Earthtransitions (.com)

"There's only one religion,  that's the one of Love.  Only one creation,  below and above."
Positively Clean is approved and LOVED by Pollinators EVERYWHERE.

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Home Page
CLEARING SACRED SPACE- Geomancy, the art of reading the ley of the land and how natural, and man made objects connect to the natural energy grids of the planet.  Sacred Space clearing includes the art of Geomancy in the process of clearing the land. Human consciousness meets and dialogs with the earth in a co-creative effort.   It is possible to clear noxious energy held with in your properties Hartman grid lines, low electromagnetic frequencies,  and negative thought patterns  from any property. 
Devic co-creative sacred space clearing brings your  property to it's highest frequency and vibration in accordance with divine creation.  Through  the use of symbols,  sacred geometry,  ceremony and ritual,  we are able to restore the earth's original blueprints.   Dowsing or "divining " rods  are used for communication.   This special type of energy work clears the earth's natural magnetic grid lines,  running through the property,  of  negativity, geopathic stress and electromagnetic frequencies.  The more area  on the planet that is cleared,  the better it is for all forms of life assuring the highest good for all. 
POSITITE-. POSITITE naturalizes electromagnetic frequencies,  alternating currents and negative energy.  A combination of casting resin,  quartz crystal and metal in a small chip with velcro for securing to surfaces.  Use for cell phones,  computers,  power cords,  electrical outlets, T.V. and many other uses.  Positite  is a great defense for protecting yourself from the harmful effects of EMF's and alternating current.   Go to Positively Clean STORE to order yours today.   Large pieces can be buried on your property to balance distortions in the land,  and thrown in bodies of water to clear and revitalize the water.  When used together with a sacred space clearing,  you are able to bring your property to the highest frequency inside and out. 
Positively Clean will harmonize your environment.
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